Digitize and simplify your store operations today

HAVIConnect saves you time, simplifies store operations, and connects your team across logistics processes – on desktop, tablet or handheld devices.

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Helping You Work Remotely

Work anywhere, any time using your existing HAVIConnect login ID.

Helping You Work Remotely
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Use the power of digital to seamlessly connect your in-store teams and supply chain partners


Working anywhere, any time


Connecting teams seamlessly


Simplifying store operations

Store Managers

Manage your store's operations digitally and remotely

Spend more time with your customers and stay in control of your back room and logistics processes digitally and remotely. Your product catalogue is now at your fingertips, giving you the freedom to manage orders, claims and deliveries all at once. And that's just the start of your digital journey.

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HAVIConnect saves our crew up to four hours a week. We particularly like using the mobile version to take photos and upload claims during delivery.
restaurant manager
Owner Operators

Benchmark your business performance store by store

Empower your store managers to save valuable time and labor costs spent working in the back room on managing logistics tasks. Benchmark and improve performance across your store portfolio by keeping your finger on the pulse with data and insights that help you stay on the move – and ahead.

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HAVIConnect digitizes and simplifies our back room processes. It has helped our store save up to 90 minutes a week on ordering activities alone
restaurant manager
Supply Chain Leaders

Begin your digital journey and optimize your store operations

Give your store operations a digital make-over and improve collaboration and communication between your supply chain partners. With real-time data and insights at your fingertips, make decisions with confidence, improve efficiency, and work digitally to measure store and supply chain performance with your teams.

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Research in selected markets demonstrated savings of up to €1,100 per store per year using HAVIConnect. This saving really adds up across our global footprint!
restaurant manager

Leading foodservice and convenience brands are embracing the power of digital – saving time and money.

Digitizing your store operations to manage logistics and operational processes has never been easier. Whether you need to streamline routine tasks, improve communication, stay informed, plan ahead or simply create more hours in your day – HAVIConnect has you covered.

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