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Combining the roll out of paperless deliveries with social distancing rules are just one of the post-lockdown challenges HAVI, their customers, and the broader industry faces as it looks towards recovery.

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Helping You Work Remotely
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HAVI Helps Customers Adapt To The Next Normal With Contactless Deliveries

HAVI is pleased to announce that we have started the rollout of HAVI Digital Delivery (HDD). As the latest feature of our HAVIConnect collaboration platform, HDD combines mobility in the backroom with a switch to paperless deliveries as we work in more digital ways with our customers.

As our industry looks towards recovery, this rollout not only marks an operational change to familiar operational processes, but it also brings the additional challenges associated with social distancing during regular deliveries to restaurants or convenience stores.

The Next Normal In Action

This story is a great example of how HAVI is deploying advanced digital tools such as HAVIConnect through our drivers – the public and very human face of our brand – to help shape our industry’s next normal.

Our team in Germany was the first to deploy HDD. The challenge it faced was how to embrace HDD’s new digital sign-on glass and many other functions while still ensuring our drivers kept two metres away from anyone else during a delivery.

Working closely with our customers, HAVI adopted a plan to keep everyone involved in the delivery process at a safe distance from each other while still allowing them to enjoy their close and valued working relationships. Under this plan, our driver alerts the restaurant or store with a personal phone call giving their arrival time, ensuring crew members are in the right position to take delivery. Instead of a crew member having to sign on the HDD device, the driver simply adds the crew member’s name to the device and HAVIConnect does the rest.

Of course, restaurants and convenience stores can be busy places and crew members are not always able to take the driver’s call or get into the right position. So as a last resort, the driver does things the old-fashioned way by standing outside the restaurant or store with a sign reading Goods Delivery HAVI to catch the crew’s attention. Who says we cannot get creative while working towards our next normal?

If the crew explicitly needs support from our driver to move goods into the customer’s backroom, drivers are permitted to enter the area provided they are wearing a mask covering their nose and mouth.

Importantly, this combination of innovative digital technology and good, old-fashioned teamwork means the delivery is contactless from start to finish.


Introducing ‘Simple But Fantastic’ Digital Tools

We caught up with Torsten Oldhues, Director Global Operations at HAVI. Torsten and the team are leading the implementation of HDD from an operational process perspective. Commenting on the rollout, he told us: “Clearly, we are excited about the changes that HDD is bringing to HAVI’s operational processes. It is simple – but fantastic, and customers love it!

“At the same time, our current reality on the road to recovery is that social distancing rules dictate drivers and restaurant or store employees must stay at least two metres apart during deliveries. The inspiring thing is that this is exactly where HDD can open up new opportunities as the industry looks for contactless deliveries in our next normal.

“Combining the personal touch our drivers bring to the customer experience with technology that digitizes the supply chain is a simple but effective example of how we are finding unique ways to solve real-world problems and keep our customers’ businesses moving forward.”

HAVI plans to introduce HDD and contactless deliveries to all European countries by the end of 2020. Meanwhile, we will continue to lead the conversation and take action to help our customers worldwide build a safe and sustainable future in the next normal.


What Is HAVI Digital Delivery?

HAVI Digital Delivery (HDD) is the latest feature in the HAVIConnect collaboration platform.  It is designed to eliminate paper from the delivery process, allowing customers to sign for their delivery on the HAVI driver’s mobile device screen. Beyond enabling paperless delivery, HDD syncs delivery data in real time, leaving customers with a definitive source of facts at their fingertips to use alongside their level of HAVIConnect access. Among other time-saving benefits, HDD also:

  • Digitizes, streamlines, speeds up delivery processes – no more handling paperwork
  • Scans empties customers need to return – no more manual counting and errors
  • Registers temperature and store records – putting safety check at your fingertips
  • Supports real-time communication – with the HAVI driver
  • Treats our planet more kindly – saving every piece of paper counts.
  • Transfers delivery notes and invoices digitally – connecting the backroom to the delivery process in real time

During the HDD rollout in 2020, all HAVI customers in Europe will move to this solution as part of the operational change over.

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