Helping you work remotely

Download HAVIConnect onto your mobile device, login using your existing ID, and discover the freedom and power of remote store management. It's that simple!

Use HAVIConnect on your mobile and maximize the benefits of digital store management

HAVIConnect is now available on your mobile phone, giving you even more control over all your backroom logistics processes at the touch of a screen. With the freedom and confidence to escape your back office, you now have more time to engage your customers – and build a successful business.

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Helping you digitize, simplify, work remotely

Using your smartphone or hand-held device, HAVIConnect now equips you to:

  • Log in using your existing HAVIConnect account login details
  • Place, approve and track orders while you are on the go
  • Log claims during deliveries by using your device to take and send photographs to HAVI
  • Start a task on the web then continue on your device (or vice versa), with immediate synchronization

This means that you are now equipped to:

  • Do your job from anywhere, any time
  • Stay one step ahead with regular alerts and news
  • Spend more time on tasks that keep your operations moving.

Get started in 3 easy steps

  1. Download (App Store, Google Play)
  2. Log in (Using existing HAVIConnect ID)
  3. Go! (Enjoy your freedom)

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